Contract Services: 

In order to successfully propagate your desired plant, we first begin with material processing and initiation into culture.  During the second stage of the tissue culture process, sterile plant material is propagated to achieve desired quantities of high quality material.  Propagules will be available as a stable, consistent supply or for a one time delivery.

An initiation fee will be charged for customers looking to establish their plants in culture.  This fee is determined by the difficulty of initiation and any request for exclusivity.

USDA-Agricultural Research Services- GRIN

We are happy to propagate agricultural crops available through the USDA germplasm repositories.  Initiation fees are waved when tissue culture accessions are available.  We have experience with hazelnuts, walnuts, raspberries, blueberries, potatoes and many more!   

Our Collection:

Hudson Plants offers a variety of ornamentals and succulents for enthusiast and wholesale growers. Additional varieties may be introduced and propagated in culture upon request. 

Plants are delivered in either of two stages:

Stage 3:  Rooted plants growing in sterile containers on an agar medium, ready to be acclimatized in the greenhouse.  These plants are one to two inches minimum in height and may need extra attention to ensure survival.  Transitioning from a closed system into the greenhouse is often a sensitive and unique process for each type of plant.

Stage 4:  Rooted and acclimatized plants.  These plants have adjusted to greenhouse conditions and ready for the field.  There is minimal risk with stage 4 material which can be easily transitioned into industry.

Additional services include:

Germplasm storage

Seed germination

Virus eradication