About Us

At Hudson Plant tissue culture we take pride in our work and look to develop honest business relationships with our clients.  We treat customers who have partnered with us for contract propagation services as an extension of our own company.  Our mission is to grow plants that help feed, ornament landscapes and minimize over collection of endangered species.

Our Team

Shannon Hudson has been culturing plants for almost ten years since graduating from Portland State University with B.S. in Biology- Botany.  She has cultured and propagated over several hundred different varieties of plants, including a wide range of succulents, fruit trees, nut trees and many agricultural crops.  Her first passion was propagating blight resistant hazelnut trees with Xplant Laboratory in Portland, Oregon where her enthusiasm for plant tissue culture blossomed.   In addition to propagation, Shannon has also worked with plant cell culture and transformation.  With diversified laboratory experience in plant science, Shannon is excited to share her knowledge and help customers achieve their propagation goals.

Hayley Carmody has been involved in the horticulture world since graduation from University of California Santa Cruz with a B.S. in Biology- Plant Science. Hayley’s passion for plants has led her in many directions both working in the greenhouse and laboratory.  Before starting at Hudson Plant Tissue Culture, she worked as a horticulturist at Filoli garden, maintaining the estate’s collection and managing propagation of rare material.  Hayley can see how plants grow in the field and apply those processes to propagating material in a laboratory setting.